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Coverage of the Realm Championships all over the world.

Archimonde’s Finals

The clock is ticking down, it’s the final round at Archimonde’s Reign of Fire and we have the Belgian player Didier de Bundel, piloting Teron Gorefiend who’s up against Jordy Van der Gaag, a player from the Netherlands who put his fate in the hands of Tyrande Whisperwind.

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Wetlands Metagame

So the Wetlands Realm Championship has been played and we already announced the winner but there is always time to look at the metagame. Read the rest of this entry

Wetlands Country Breakdown

35 players were battling against each other towards the top but where did they come from? How many special guests did we have this year? Read the rest of this entry

Finals – Yannick Vernimmen vs. Thijs Weytens

The finals of the Realm Championship Wetlands 2013 will be fought out by Thijs Weytens, piloting Grglmrgl who’s up against Yannick Vernimmen, also piloting Grglmrgl but with a slightly different deck. Which of these Belgians will be able to walk away with the title? Read the rest of this entry

Semi-Finals – Jeffrey Verwoerd vs. Thijs Weytens

The Netherlands against Belgium in the Semi-Finals with two other Belgians fighting it out in front of the camera. Will the only Netherlander be able to get a third Realm championship title under his belt? Read the rest of this entry

Quarterfinals – Yannick Vernimmen vs. Dirk Sparr

The Quarterfinals is underway and one of the matches is Yannick Vernimmen against Dirk Sparr. On video we have Jeffrey Verwoerd against Martin Stark.

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Top 8 Profiles

We see the names and we see the decklists so many times but who are the players behind these decks? Check it out! Read the rest of this entry

Top 8 Decklists

The Top 8 is announced and here are the decklists! By the end of Sunday, we will also be able to let you know what the brackets are. Read the rest of this entry


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